The Coach House Cafe

Dog Friendly

We have doggie treats, dog bowls of water, poo bags, doggie wipes, a doggie bed and toy - doggies are most welcome at the Coach House Cafe

Community and accessible

Good food at low prices 

Supporting the Community Events Programme

Developing low cost kids birthday parties

Social and well being events throughout the year

A work in progress ...

As an infant social enterprise - we are working to combine volunteers and paid workers, ensuring any profits are 100% returned to the FoRP charity to continue supporting the delivery of the events programme for our community

Community Engagement Officer



Earlier this evening (5/9/2018) Ann met Joanne Dootson - who is she you might ask ..... she is The Community Engagement Officer employed via Newground as part of the HLF grant ... that is who she is !!
We at FoRP are so excited to meet her as we know you all will be too - so many of you have asked us over launch week when the kitchen garden will be opening, when will you be able to get in there.

Joanne will be in the FoRP cafe on 7th and 14th October 2018 to consult and chat with the community about their ideas for the kitchen garden - she would love to chat with you over a brew.

If she is in the park - stop her for a chat - this is the community 's kitchen garden - we really need help to shape its future

We have also set up a group on Facebook  - please request to join.
Joanne will be joining and will be really pleased to chat to you about the kitchen garden and how you all want to support it / develop it.

Big Positive Meeting


Some notes from the Big Positive Meeting this evening  

Oswaldtwistle’s First Big Positive Meeting  14th March 2018  At The Civic Arts Centre  

Gayle introduced the event – an idea that was formed at the Twin Town Meeting – a meeting to celebrate and share everything that is good about Oswaldtwistle – next Twin Town Meeting 21/3/2018 at 6.30pm at the Black Dog.  Oswaldtwistle is twinned with Whitburn in Scotland – join the meeting and find out more. 

Sarah talked about Girl Guiding – Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, The Senior Section and Trefoil Group (age 25+)  Adventure, fun and friendship – safe, girl only space.  

Emma from The Black Dog talked about pub initiatives – dementia friendly staff, adaptations in the pub to make the accessible, art classes, associated with Four Paws Dog Rescue – dog of the month displayed in pub. Dog friendly pub. This year The Black Dog will be having another Christmas Market in December and will be involved in the Ossy Carnival this year with Thwaites Shire Horses, people are welcome to walk with their dogs with The Black Dog & Four Paws  

Gayle spoke about the Oswaldtwistle Carnival – 24th June 2018, theme, “through the ages”. Everyone welcome – see Gayle for more details. The committee are looking for their carnival royalty - Prince & Princess (8-14), King & Queen (15-21) and Grande Dame & Duke (over 40).  Liz from Enabling Bold Moves – coach, looking to connect with small businesses in the local areas – background of personal development and training  

Sarah from Play4UZ2, a group of parents with SEN and special needs – playgrounds are not inclusive for children with disability / independent play skills. Linked into Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum. Land in front of Hyndburn Sports Centre. Consultation on play equipment. Playground will not be cheap, approx. £1 million – now fundraising for the playarea.  

Gayle spoke about Discovering Old Oswaldtwistle – history walks through Oswaldtwistle, money from HLF to continue the project – next walk will be on the 27th May 2018.  

Lyndon from Church and Oswaldtwistle Rotary told the meeting about the types of membership of the rotary – Lyndon told the meeting about Walk 4 Your Charity – register at  Lyndon told the meeting about activities in December with the Santa Collection – fundraising.  Other projects include Know Your Blood Pressure; Litter Picking Up; Maintaining the railway station; talking newspaper for blind society. Lyndon told us about Rotakids, children helping the local community – 3 groups (St. Andrews; White Ash; Hippings Methodist)  

Lucy from Spring Into Action / Meet N Match told the meeting – organisation to support people with learning disabilities to be fully included in life / community. Spring Into Sport – fortnightly on a Friday Night at New Ear, Accrington (£3.50), age 11+  Meet n Match, a friendship and dating agency for people with Learning Disabilities – 2 events every month – one at the civic (themed – next Friday, quiz night and disco - £5, carers are free) and one at The Black Dog (Wednesday evening – last of the month)   

Digital Footprint Audit – Oswaldtwistle – Carnegie Trust UK completed for us, Oswaldtwislte does not have one central resource promoting the town – new website  

Next meeting will be in 19th September 2018  

Get involved - #ossyrocks

Latest News


Mental Health Well Being

As a group, FoRP very much want to focus on inclusion and well being - the benefits of both to the individual and society are massive.

We want to develop activity in the park that benefits our local community.

We are aiming to provide a seven day programme, providing oportunities for people to reduce isolation, to get involved and feel the benefit of inclusion.

We are working to connect with local groups, statutory and voluntary groups, we will have a great venue to support groups to meet.

We are looking to develop / facilitate groups such as:-

Knit & Natter

Tea Clubs

Well Being Workshops

Hearing Voices Support Group

Stress Management


If you want to get involved, want to facilitate a group from the new facility, have any ideas for the park that will help our community stay well - get in touch via the contact us form - we would love to talk.


Eat Well and Move More

Another focus of the FoRP's plans, reflecting on our heritage and learning from the Victorians - Eat Well For Less & Move More.

The Victorians didn't have McDonald's or KFC, Mars Bars or extra large bags of crispss.

The Victorians had fresh fruit, fresh veg and frest meat - cooking everything themselves.

The Victorians didn't have XBOX, PS4, SMARTPHONE or TV - they walked, spent time together, played in the park, spoke to each other ..... fancy that !

The Kitchen Garden will provide opportunity to learn about growing fruit and veg, cooking and enjoying fabulous healthy food.

We are hoping to have themed cooking sessions,. exercise groups and other Eat Well, Move More and Be Healthy activties.

Latest News

Dogs in the park


Dogs are very welcome in the park however we expect people to be responsible owners, respecting others and cleaning up after their dogs.

Poo Done it ?


After numerous reports of dog poo in the park and owners not cleaning up after their dogs - FoRP have placed posters up in the park to remind dog owners to pick up their dog's poo.

New website launched


New website launched .....

We are still building the website but it is ready enough to share

Please let us know what you think and what you wish for us to add to it as we develop it !